CSCS – IDAS Global provides comprehensive strategic and operational consultancy to Central Banks and other actors in the cash industry. A wide range of services are offered, from strategic guidance and organisational audits through to in-depth analysis and solution delivery of automation, process optimisation and integration issues. We cater for the whole life cycle of a cash management project: from initiation, design, and implementation to advisory support and impact assessments.

Our leadership team also has extensive experience in the cash industry, including at board level. This enables us to combine our insights into vanguard technology with strategic knowledge of application and integration processes, in order to generate new functionalities that drive competitive advantage.

We leverage the abilities of subject scientists and industry experts based at the University of the West of England (UWE)’s Currency Supply Chain Institute (CSCI) to design and deliver cash management solutions. Its areas of world-leading technical expertise include innovative 4D, 3D and 2D techniques for machine vision analysis. For example, new capabilities in banknote analysis and process optimisation have been pioneered and patented at UWE to determine banknote condition and print quality.

More broadly, CSCS – IDAS Global undertakes consultancy for a wide range of clients to help them understand the potential of new technologies being brought to market and how these can drive better cash management performance and deliver advanced capabilities. Our projects are undertaken worldwide, from concept through to installation. These result in increased productivity, efficiency, optimisation and integrity with concurrent logistical and cost benefits.

Whatever your cash-related requirements, CSCS will be able to provide an integrated and enhanced solution. Our dedicated teams of scientists and industry experts can be deployed at short notice to take on any challenge. Our laboratory capabilities and capacity make us a dynamic, disruptive and innovative player in the cash industry. We bring the best of both worlds to you: strategic and hands-on industry expertise combined with scientific rigour and knowledge.