About Us

We are pleased to introduce you to our company, CSCS – IDAS Global, based in the UK.

In the past five years, CSCS – IDAS Global has pioneered a portfolio of integrated technology solutions which can transform a Central Bank’s management of the entire banknote life cycle, from design and print to destruction. These solutions have been developed in close collaboration with various Central Banks around the world, through long-term partnerships at Chief Cashier level.

In brief, the concept which underpins our core offer is the use of 3D vision and imaging technologies to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy and quality in banknote inspection processes. Our work with Central Banks has already evidenced that our approach can deliver a radical leap forward in terms of cash process management performance, outcomes and impact.

The short- and longer-term benefits to Central Banks are, we believe, clear and hugely relevant in a period when public institutions are under pressure to deliver better returns on taxpayer money. Our portfolio enables Cash / Currency or Banknote Directorates to realise significant and immediate cost reductions – and, more excitingly, to turn their currency supply chain into a potential profit centre within 2-3 years. Of equal importance, our solutions can be tailored for and integrated into any Bank’s existing infrastructure and hardware, thus avoiding the need for additional capital expenditure.

At the heart of our offer are four means to achieve these results:

  1. Optimising quality inspection in banknote printing processes, thereby reducing the number of sheets which are unnecessarily destroyed at the point of origin;
  2. Enhancing the inspection quality of banknote sorting, thereby extending the life span of cash in circulation which would otherwise be prematurely withdrawn;
  3. Strengthening authenticity tests, thereby improving the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting policies;
  4. Adopting a more ‘circular’ approach to end-of-life banknote management (specifically ink removal and destruction), thereby opening new commercial opportunities via material recycling and reuse and improving the overall environmental footprint of cash management operations.

Our organisational model draws on a combination of industry expertise (both technological and sector-specific), rigorous applied research, and interdisciplinary innovation. Our engineering capabilities incorporate unique hardware and software design methodologies and algorithms, and we utilise advanced enabling technologies to solve complex and challenging issues for the cash industry. Our lab specialisations include Machine Vision, Robotics, Computer Science, Fine Printing, Microbial Sensing Technologies and Olfactory Digital Scent Technologies, to name a few.

Ultimately, at CSCS – IDAS Global we see ourselves as independent, unbiased and disruptive innovators. We are seeking to inspire progressive change in the industry, and to help Central Banks regain control of their cash cycle in ways that optimise their positive societal impact. In this regard, we embrace the opportunity to work with any Central Bank to support the realisation of their currency mission.